What Is The Difference Between Web Design & Web Development

What Is The Difference Between Web Design & Web Development
In this artical, we are going to discuss the difference between Web Designing and Web Development. Web Design and Web Development, these are 2 separate roles in the website creation process. web design involves creating what the website should look like and how it should work, and web development involves developing a website bring it to life as a functioning website. Web Design Designing a website involves taking brief information that a client wants to be displayed on a website, Creating mockups and working out the best structure for it. Web designers think a lot about the website to make it creative, and arrange the information in an innovative way, that means they see the right content at the right place. part of the design process is called user experience or UX as you may have seen it referred to as, but designers are obviously also responsible for the visual look and feel of the website, and that’s called the user int…

Blazingcoders WordPress Development Services

Blazingcoders provide you stable, Cost-Effective CMS development with the help of WordPress. WordPress is the most familiar CMS among the customer because it is very easy to understand. Blazingcoders provide you Customer WordPress theme design and  WordPress theme development for all type of organizations. WordPress Development Services:-…/ Hire WordPress Developer:-

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Blazingcoders offers dedicated development team for a wide of industry, Start-ups, mid and large scale businesses. Our dedicated development teams have expert knowledge in the technologies to deliver you best services. Blazingcoders Provide Dedicated Resources in Following Technologies :- Dedicated Development Team Hire Mobile App Developer Hire Titanium Mobile App Developer Android Dedicated ResourcesIOS Dedicated Resources.Net Dedicated Resources E-commerce Developer Hire Magento DeveloperHire Open Cart DeveloperHire Prestashop DeveloperHire Shopify Developer Hire Web Developer Hire CakePHP DeveloperHire Codeigniter DeveloperHire ZEND DeveloperPHP Dedicated Resources CMS Developer Hire Drupal DeveloperHire Joomla DeveloperHire WordPress Developer Front End Developer Hire Email Template DeveloperHire HTML DeveloperHire Html5 DeveloperHire JavaScript DevelopersHire Responsive Web Developer

Why Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website?

Why Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website?Magento is an opensource platform, provides all source of php codes easily. Magento provides its own community to edit version free of cost. Magento is an SEO friendly opensource platform. Below Are The Features Why To Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website Development.Flexibility: Being an open source platform, Magento provides all source PHP codes easily. This helps you to play with the code and customize your extensions and add-ons to any extent. Freely available: Magento provides its community edition version free of cost. if you are a start-up company or have a low budget you can easily opt Magento community version. Search engine optimization Friendly: Magento offers efficient site optimization thanks to its SEO feature which manage the incoming traffic, duplicate content etc. Efficient optimization of incoming traffic increases the overall sale of any website. search engine friendly framework Developer friendly: Developers prefer Ma…

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