Why Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website?

Why Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website?

Magento is an opensource platform, provides all source of php codes easily. Magento provides its own community to edit version free of cost. Magento is an SEO friendly opensource platform.

Below Are The Features Why To Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Website Development.

Being an open source platform, Magento provides all source PHP codes easily. This helps you to play with the code and customize your extensions and add-ons to any extent.
Freely available:
Magento provides its community edition version free of cost. if you are a start-up company or have a low budget you can easily opt Magento community version.
Magento offers efficient site optimization thanks to its SEO feature which manage the incoming traffic, duplicate content etc. Efficient optimization of incoming traffic increases the overall sale of any website. search engine friendly framework
Developer friendly:
Developers prefer Magento over any platform because it’s easy to update old feature and add new features. This is possible by extending the features of core files.
Manage multiple stores & multiple language:
It has an efficient feature which allows management of multiple stores from a single admin panel and it allows to manage the store with multiple languages
Marketing Tools:
It also has various marketing tools such as catalog and cart promotion rules, Multi-Tier pricing etc which help in promoting your business way further.
Efficient Order Management:
Magento perfectly handles all order related functionality be it invoice, shipment, credit memo, reorder etc.
Mobile Friendly & Responsive :
Magento has even targeted mobile app feature. You can easily convert your online store to a mobile app with Magento. It works seamlessly.


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